How to Grow Mint From Cuttings

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Grow Food Indoors This Winter

[ad_1] Growing herbs and vegetables indoors is a great way to supplement your diet with fresh, organic foods. Learn how to setup your indoor growing area and discover 13 easy vegetables to grow indoors. #indoorgarden #organicfood #vegetablegarden [ad_2]

Container Herb Garden: 10 Tips for Success

[ad_1] Let’s grow a container herb garden! Here are 10 tips that will help you grow a productive and beautiful container herb garden! #containerherbgarden #growingherbsincontainers #herbcontainergarden [ad_2]

Free Downloadable Luxury Florence Travel Planning Resource (Plus Google Map)

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How to know when to hire a professional

[ad_1] DIY home improvements can be cost-effective and fun – until they aren’t. This infographic explores common home repairs and identifies situations where you should enlist an expert. [ad_2]

7 Culinary Herbs to Start from Seed

[ad_1] Herbs are a great addition to the garden and can be grown in a designated herb plot, among your other vegetables, intermingled in your flowerbed, or even in containers. Read on for tips on growing herbs from seed and 7 easy culinary herbs to begin your herb garden. #herbs[…]

How to Grow and Care for Rosemary

[ad_1] You don’t need an herb garden to grow rosemary. A single plant in a pot will provide you with enough rosemary to flavor your cooking and scent the kitchen. However, if you live in an area where rosemary thrives, you could have entire hedges of the plant. [ad_2]

Make New Plants with Water Propagation

[ad_1] Water Propagation means New Plants for Free! Multiply your Houseplant collection. It’s so easy and extremely satisfying. Propagate different plants and group all the bottles together into your own Propagation Station. Let’s talk Plants! [ad_2]